EON Telephone

E.ON is a name that’s extremely familiar to people all around the United Kingdom. That’s because it’s the name of a popular company that supplies energy to residences all over the Western European nation. E.ON operates out of Essen, a German city. The company has customers in more than 30 nations. It has more than 33 million customers in total as well. It’s a prominent energy business that has a substantial customer base. Its customer base seems to growing by the day, too. People who need high-quality electricity and gas regularly turn to E.ON and to its available services. The company has been in existence since 2000.

E.ON’s Leadership Team

Good leadership is one of the reasons E.ON has enjoyed so much success throughout the years. Johannes Teysson is the current CEO (Chief Executive Officer) for E.ON. Werner Wenning is yet another major player on the E.ON staff. Teysson is a German professional who hails from Hildesheim. He graduated from the University of Gottingen in Gottingen. This school is a well-known public research institution that has been around since the 1700s. Teysson has been working as the E.ON CEO since the spring of 2010.

Focused On The Environment and the Future

E.ON is an example of a company that has many passions. It concentrates on renewables and climate factors. This energy company in UK is one that’s always trying to find new ways to make energy that’s renewable. This energy company in UK is one that genuinely cares about subjects that involve offshore and onshore wind, too. E.ON finished building a biomass power station in 2014. This station is called ‘Blackburn Meadows’ and is in Sheffield. A year later, E.ON finished building the anticipated Humber Gateway. This is an offshore wind farm that’s on the picturesque Yorkshire Coast. E.ON also began building a Sussex coast offshore wind farm in 2015.

Energy Efficient Solutions For You

Efficient energy solutions are the name of the game at E.ON. E.ON is a company that gives people access to top-tier energy solutions of all varieties. It provides gas and electricity solutions to more than five million customers. It has a combination of industrial, enterprise and domestic customers. E.ON is a business that does a lot more than just supply energy, too. It’s also a business that genuinely tries to help its customer base day in and day out. E.ON believes in education. It educates its customers by telling them about energy practices that are highly practical. The E.ON staff talks to customers about home insulation, microgeneration systems and power, energy usage control and beyond. The staff talks to customers about solar panels and ground source heat pumps alike as well.

Reliability Designed For Everyone

E.ON has a diligent and tireless leadership sector in the United Kingdom. Leaders who work for E.ON in the United Kingdom include Tony Cocker, Dave Newborough and Jim Lightfoot. These professionals are all committed to making E.ON an energy company that’s 100 percent reliable and trustworthy. British residences and businesses that care about strong customer service practices may want to learn more about E.ON and all the things it offers.