EE Telephone

EE Limited is the name of a popular mobile network operator that’s located in the United Kingdom. EE Limited doesn’t only specialize in mobile network operations, either. The company also provides customers with Internet access. It’s a sector of BT Group, a telecommunications giant that’s based in London, England. EE Limited has been in business since 2010. It began as a team effort between both Orange S.A. and Deutsche Telekom. EE Limited’s customer base is significant. It consists of roughly 30 million individuals.

EE’s Strong United Kingdom Presence

EE Limited’s primary office is in a Hertfordshire town that’s known as ‘Hatfield.’ The company has numerous other offices all throughout the United Kingdom, however. These offices are in London, Leeds, Bristol, Plymouth, North Tyneside, Greenock and Darlington. Marc Allera works as the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of EE Limited. He’s a Howden native who has a degree in International Business Studies. He went to Sheffield Hallam University in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Sheffield Hallam University is a widely known public university that was founded all the way back in 1843. Other prominent executives who work for EE Limited’s management division are channels and trading head Ettiene Brandt, customer service head Nick Lane and marketing specialist Noel Hamill. The staff at EE Limited includes about 15,000 professionals in total. The company has a strong presence in the United Kingdom. It operates approximately 700 retail stores in areas all over the nation.

4G Coverage Designed For Modern Apps

EE Limited is known for its solid 4G coverage. EE Limited’s 4G coverage has a reputation for speed. It has a reputation for convenience as well. EE Limited customers can receive reliable and strong 4G coverage in many locations. Its 4G coverage can be helpful to people who tend to use significant amounts of data while they’re going from one location to another. EE Limited strives to provide its customers with 4G coverage that’s always reliable. The company aims to give customers fast and dependable 4G coverage in locations of all types. It aims to provide them with reliable indoor coverage. It aims to provide them with strong coverage in quiet rural settings as well.

Contact EE’s Customer Service With Any Questions

EE Limited is a large company that goes above and beyond to provide its substantial customer base with high-quality customer service at all times. Customers who want to learn more about EE Limited and how it works don’t have to worry. They can easily reach out to the company’s customer service team. People can find out more about getting in contact with the EE Limited customer service staff thru their telephone number. People who read can locate dependable customer service phone numbers for the company. Customers choose to contact EE Limited customer service for a variety of reasons. They may want to terminate their service. They may have issues with insufficient coverage. They may wish to get a brand new telephone number. They may want to alert EE Limited to potential theft. EE Limited’s customer service professionals are all knowledgeable, patient, efficient and hard-working people. They truly love helping customers with their concerns.